Truck Branding

Impressive advertising not only creates a great first impression, but also creates a lasting first impression and Truck Branding is very attractive way to spread your business’s message. Truck wrap advertising is targeted because normally you are advertising to your local market. Customers who are most likely to see your truck branding are the individuals that live or work in your area.

Wrap truck protection:

Truck branding offer a form of protection for your vehicle against scratches and road debris. Wraps help to keep your vehicles in good condition for when you need to trade them in or sell them.

Half Truck Wrap:

A partial truck wrap can covers 50% of your vehicle, but still delivers a great impact when designed properly. The main advantage to a partial wrap is the cost-effectiveness as compared to a full wrap.

partial truck wrap
half truck branding

Full Truck Wrap:

In this option truck will be covered from all sides including driver side, Passenger side, rear side and driver cabin area

full truck branding in dubai

Truck Wrapping in Dubai – UAE

If you’re interested in truck graphics, why not contact a member of our team? We can arrange for you to come to the office, where we can discuss your brief and complete a full survey of your Truck, including taking measurements, free of charge! We are also providing RTA passing services in Dubai for all kind of vehicles.

Please call OR Whatsapp your Truck Wrapping inquiry to our Sales Person directly in UAE 

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