Stainless Steel Signage

Your business signage is often the first thing that people see when they come to visit so you want to make sure that it looks attractive. This is the best marketing tool to keep your business in the minds of regular customers.

Types of Aluminum Used in Signage

Stainless steel offers two types of unique finishes.

Brushed Finish

Mirror Finish and 

Gold Finish

which can be either horizontal or vertical.

Stainless Steel Brushed Finish Aluminum Signs

Brushed Finish Flat Signage:

Brushed aluminum signs, the ultimate in durability and aesthetics, are made by printing any image, graphic, or design directly onto a 3mm brushed aluminum e-panel material. Brushed face signs are used in banks, lobbies, reception areas, hospitals and in many other establishments.

Brush finish lobby signage
ss lobby signage
Brushed Finish Cut Out letters / Signage:

This SS brushed finished can be easily formed in any font or shape and can be painted in any colour. These letters do not reflect light and have a very slightly rough face. They can also have lights built into each letter.

Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Signage

This SS mirror finished also can be easily formed in any font or shape these letters do reflect the light and making cleaning easier. Mirror finish signs are used in indoor and outdoor both purpose. Mostly mirror-finished sign used for office reception areas.

mirror finish signage
mirror finish signage

Gold Finish Signage

Aluminum can be coated in Gold Finish to produce the desired look for your sign.

gold finish indoor signage
gold finish signage

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