Frosted Glass Sticker

Frosted glass film, as we know, is an self adhesive film that can be applied on any glass surface that is smooth and clean. Frosted sticker commonly used in the indoor windows and glass partitions. It is a kind of sticker that is produced by the technique of sandblasting and acid etching. It can be achieved many patterns, colours and designs including the decorative ones, are easy to install.

Normal Frosted Sticker:

it can be cut and design and fit any window; typically applied to the interior window surface. This film is available in gray colour.

gray frosted film
simple frosted sticker

Printed Frosted Sticker:

It can be printed any design in greyscale or CMYK color-scale

color frosted film
Print frosted sticker

Frosted Colour Sticker:

The films are available in various colors such as Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Black, Sea blue, Yellow and Green. This colurs can be cut out any design and patterns.

colour frosted sticker

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